The Self Conflict, 2015

Artist Statement

The rage and hatred we bear, the desire and lust we feel, and the fears we hide are the darkness we are all born with. Despite our ethical restraint ,  inner conflict will eventually destroy us, silently but violently. We are sentenced to death while we strive for survival.


In this project, I attempt to look at and accept the dark side of my own psyche. I can always feel the existence of the evil in my soul, trying to manipulate me all the time. The conflicts within my psyche between the two opposites, never stop but can only burst. The only thing I can do to redeem myself is to burn into ashes, so that I no longer feel, no longer care, and no longer trust. By using abstract textures, shapes and forms of liquid, papers and light, I intend to visualize the sticky ugliness, nasty explosion, and wrinkled unevenness of our soul. It is not only a project of self-exploration, but also a piece of work meant for each of us, who feel lost and detached. In the depressing grey tone I provide by the removal of colors, you may find peace.