Glamour, 2014


Artist Statement

Apples wear sunscreen; mushrooms wear red nail polish; potatoes go tan; breads build sexy curves; bananas have always been the blonde bombshell; and even broccolis begin to care about their hair style. In the style of commercial studio photography, foods take place of fashion models in a hilarious way. Those images at the first sight are only amusing because of the combination of irrelevant elements in the same frame. Meanwhile, by the attempt to simulate a fashion magazine in food’s world, the sickness of our human world is revealed. We use tons of make-ups, buy hundreds of cloth, frequently dye our hair, and even take plastic surgeries, only to blindly follow the so-called fashion trends, which is completely controlled by upper-class, big companies and mass media. And usually these aesthetics are to meet the satisfactions of males desires, to take females as sexual beings. The act of foods in this project is a reflection and satire of our pointless and almost self-destructing behaviors. It is a reminder of how fashion industry deprives us of our true nature. By naming the projects ‘Glamour’, I indicate the beauty that the subjects try to achieve by certain methods, and also as the name of a popular fashion magazine, I take it as a symbol of the whole fashion industry and I situate responds and comments of their influences to our society though the works.