Feeling Centimental, 2015 


Money is not everything, yet we need money for everything. No one can escape from the restrain of financial situation in this money-driven society. You get sentimental due to a lack of money, especially when you cannot even afford a one-dollar hotdog as lunch since you only have cents in your pocket. In this project I portrait this situation of extreme poverty, where both girls are counting the 10-cent coins in desperate gestures. By replacing facial expressions with the 10-cent-coin, the identities of the girls are removed but only their urge for money shows. The coins stand out in the picture with its shiny gold color in the shades of black and white. In this satire of our money-driven world, sentimental feelings are granted at the same time the criticism of consumerism and materialism is pointed out. However, it is never about the obsessions with money, but the necessity of money to survive under the system. I doubt how we can respond to it except feeling ‘centimental’.