Shifting Contexts-Water, 2015

Artist Statement

Water, one of the most intangible but also tangible substances, flows in various forms and functions inconstantly. This artwork, consisting of 6 different shots, shows but not concludes the shifting contexts of water.


Low-saturation but not monochrome style is used in these shots to create a philosophical look in a cool but natural tone. Beyond the visual look, the changing significances of water are discovered through this work: water as extermination to fire, source of life, isolation from oils, resistance by umbrella, purification with soap bubbles and refractions with lights.


However, the meaning of this artwork doesn’t just end here, the various properties and functions of water are highly connected to our human beings. By pairing them into 3 groups, the interpretation of this artwork can be layered into 3. Starting from physical properties, the conflicts of terminating the life of fire and giving birth to others exist as mutual restraint and reinforce in human nature. One step further, the nature of water that isolates from oils, and being resisted by umbrella, reflects the individualism and collectivism in human culture. The last pair of shots focuses more on our individual growth, to be specific, our mental purification from inside, and our perception and knowledge transited and processed from outside experience.


Though I mainly draw out the human nature above as the analogy of water, I believe almost everything on world share these conflicts and properties with water.