#1 [Installation Proposal] Breathe Cinema, 2014


Photographic Installation, <Please Mind the Gap>, 2015

(Due to the budget limit, this work couldn't be fully accomplished, so i built up a space to imitate the exhibition.)

Artist Statement

With the notice of the extremely narrow space in HK, artist recreates the situation in the context of a gallery, by narrowing down the space between the photographic works and the wall in front of it. The recording of the MTR announcement, ‘Please mind the gap’, is loop-played in the installation and a bulb is hanged above the gap, to highlight the gap within the work. The photographs are taken on the HK streets, showing the busy and crowded living conditions in HK, in black and white. However, because the wall blocks the front view of the photographs, the audience can only see the works through the gap. With the difficulty of seeing the works, the analogy to the reality is exaggerated. It no longer matters whether the audience can comfortably look at the photographs that seem to be the main work, but the viewing experience, including the sound and the physical difficulties, becomes the powerful approach to the point artist attempt to make. 


Performance, <See Me>, 2016

Interaction with CCTV


Interactive Webpage, <You will be watched>, Processing, 2016