Doors, 2014

Artist Statement

Door is one of the most common but powerful things in the world. It separates one place into two to redefine or differentiate one of the spaces. Meanwhile, certain people get prohibited from entry, and some people are empowered with the access. As an outsider, we never know the world behind the doors. So doors become a product of power and mystery in a way. In my work, we observe and study the looks of doors, to discover how far our imagination can go and how the power is assigned to these doors.


By putting these six doors together, I realize how stairs and arch enhance the strength of the doors. Only those who own higher positions can walk up stairs and enter the door. And those square and normal doors, still succefully keep people away with its straight and strict lines. Visually, the image ends at the doors, however your imagination can go much deeper after the doors, by thinking about who can enter and why, and what is hidden from you. The unknown can never be known, certain lines can never be crossed, and that is how this world and system works to keep things organized, with or without your notice.